Chairman's Report

Chairman's Report


AGM 17 June 2020  


There have been eight meeting of the ECS Planning & Licensing Group. About 25 objections to various major and minor Planning Applications have been sent in. There have been four meetings of the Health, Housing and Welfare Group. There were two meetings of the Environment Group with RBKC Environment Officers and the RBKC Lead Member. There has been one meeting of the Business Group (Forum with the Means). There have been two meetings of the Transport & Highways Group. We need to reform the Police Group and align with the SN Ward panel

Since our last meeting we have pursued several Licensing and Planning cases across the Ward which gave concern to residents. These have included Pescheria Assunta, Elements, Kung Fu, Jollibee’s, and 5 Child’s Street. Following our representations and gathering of objections, at last one of the illegally run massage parlours has been refused a renewed Licence. The fish factory was refused an alcohol Licence, following very robust objections made by ward councillors. Jollibee’s was deferred by Committee pending further research and advice to the applicants by Officers (Aircon ducting poorly installed without permission).  7 Kramer Mews was refused Planning Permission on the grounds that we raised of overdevelopment, over-massing, overlooking, failing to preserve important sightlines in the conservation area and being out of keeping with surroundings. 5 Child’s Street was refused by Officers, without need for a Committee hearing.

We met with Council officers regarding removal of more redundant phone boxes, and discussed a better location for the K2 ceremonial red BT box on Earl’s Court Road. New World Payphones assured us they would be removing up to seven redundant boxes if they received permission for a couple of their new hubs. We still seek a better location for the K2 ceremonial red BT box.

The Treasurer and I held a meeting with METROBANK to update the mandate details. There was a major Police Operation on 5th April 2019 at the tube station, which I attended as an observer throughout.

Many ECS members were able to attend the Public Conference at the Town Hall on the issue of “Joined-up Enforcement”. There was an Expert Panel and a Q&A session. We are supporting the Council’s ENVIRONMENT SELECT COMMITTEE in holding another large public conference about improving “joined-up” enforcement. CREST and the introduction of uniformed RBKC Enforcement Support Officers should help to improve responses, response times, and feedback to complainants. We are still closely monitoring illegal waste dumping (e.g. the paladins on Eardley Crescent, 312 EC Road, Wetherby Mansions area).

We held a successful visit to the Hammersmith Town Hall CCTV control room in LBHF. This room monitors our 13 CCTV cameras in Earl’s Court. The images are amazingly clear and detailed, and the camera operators have direct radio links to our local ward police team. There were 11 members of the ECS on the visit and tour

The Earl’s Court Litter-free Zone is a campaign originated and devised by Colleen, Clancy and Eleonora. A series of planning meetings were held in June culminating a day of action “Earl’s Court BIG CLEAN-UP DAY” held on 13th July. This was supported by the whole community, by the Council, by the three ward Councillors and by the Earl’s Court Society, who pledged £300 to cover costs. 

There was a second big clean-up day from 11.00 to 13.00 on 26th October, and this time we collected 33 bags of waste. There was a third Earl’s Court Litter Free Zone Big Clean Up day, and the new DSL Community Wardens are removing lamp-post stickers.  I attended as your rep the Ken Soc “Greener & Cleaner” conference on 17th Feb

We have also held our annual walk-about with Council and TfL Officers looking at the one-way red- route system, which is controlled by TfL, and not RBKC. The Council agreed a planting plan, with new raised beds, trees and a possible city tree. RBKC would consider 50% funding if TfL would enable the scheme, but they are showing reluctance. Hamish as chair of the ECS Environment Group can give more details.

At the AGM on 29th May, the members debated and then unanimously passed a resolution about any new changes on the EC Exhibition development site. If there is to be any new planning application, or change of the current plan, it will have to go through wide public consultation. We will object to any increase in housing density, especially if it results in higher rise buildings, or loss of green space, open space, community use, cultural space or hotel and leisure facilities. We would not object to loss of office space.  The Council now requires 35% of affordable housing, but this should contribute to the balance of housing types in the wider Earl’s Court Area. We lack Intermediate Housing for key workers, first-timers, ex-armed forces, and downsizers.

We won the fight to retain a GP practice at the EC Health & Wellbeing Centre. The NHS dentist is staying as well. However, the Council funded independence services and classes on the site have all closed without consultation. I have raised this at the Council, and will now refer it to the Adult Social Care & Health Select Committee. The London CCGs are in financial difficulties, and there will be restructuring in NW London CCG. Linda can supply further details.

On 15th July I responded to the Council call for suggestions about new CCTV cameras. On 31st July the Council held an open consultation with borough residents about the need for, and the locations of, new CCTV cameras and systems. Several EC Society members attended, at Chelsea Old Town Hall, following our visit earlier in the year to the CCTV control centre. The Council has committed £500,000 to new systems in this year’s budget, to be distributed across the whole borough area. We would like to see at least 12 new cameras in Earl’s Court at key strategic locations. Let us know where you think we need more.

We met with City Relay, the local company who service some of our Short-Term Holiday Lettings (STHL). We estimate there are about 500 of such AirBnB-type holiday flats in Earl’s Court, providing 1,000 beds. These are in addition to our 4,500 hotel beds. The main problem is still illegal waste dumping on the streets by careless holiday makers returning home, after their stay with us.

We are asking the service companies to put up notices explaining the waste arrangements within the house or block, with the requirement “DO NOT PUT WASTE ON THE STREETS” We are also supporting the Public Realm Scrutiny Working Group report and all the recommendations adopted by the Council. We would like Earl’s Court to be a pilot voluntary Registration and Licensing area for Holiday Lettings.

The new Business Forum for Earl’s Court has appointed its contracted Consultants (“The Means”)to run the programme for three years, funded by s106 £140,000. All three Councillors have met the team involved, and are now helping to set up the business steering group.

The introduction of new bicycle lanes into Earl’s Court has been proposed. We know that there are problems with the existing lanes, especially at road junctions. There have also been fatalities on Warwick Road, and dangerous incidents on pavements, where pedestrians need better protection.

Air Pollution on EC Road and Warwick Road continue to be amongst the highest in the UK, and give rise to concern locally. Various greening, and anti-pollution planting schemes are progressing, but we need crisis response – more and faster. When the ULEZ (Ultra-Low Emission Zone) comes to RBKC in 2021 drivers of older vehicle will be hit hardest.  Any Diesel over 4 years old, or Petrol over 14 years old, will have to pay a £12.50 pollution charge for every day that the owners wish to move their non-compliant vehicles. If you drive every day, that could mean nearly £4,500 per annum in new charges.

There are worrying reports of a growth in Graffiti on private buildings, which the Council Graffiti team cannot remove without permission. This is coupled with renewed reports of drug use and blatant drug-dealing on our streets. Residents are good at keeping the Police informed, and there have been some concentrated Police operations to eradicate the drug gangs, and apprehend their runners, who operate locally, but this is a constant battle for the Police. Both topics will be raised at the council’s EC ASB meeting, held regularly with Police, Council Community Safety Officers and local severe-needs-supported hostels.

We held a morning Graffiti Clean-Up around the station, and one or two other more remote sites. We are still waiting for a suitable time on some corporate volunteers to help with the fruit stall, the Co-op (although the Co-op themselves have now made some effort), Oxfam etc. CapCo and one or two other businesses (e.g. SACHA) have also updated their efforts. We are planning a second Graffiti Clean-Up around the station, and one or two other more remote sites.

We are pressing the Council’s planning department to find ways of bringing the Tournament site forward for development and potentially have some meanwhile use. Malcolm has met with former Council Leader Sir Merrick Cockell, about the Tournament site and the sale of the EC site to Delancey, hoping we can set up a residents’ meeting soon. We will continue to press Delancey  to build a good mix of market and affordable housing, green spaces, as well as other amenities including a new cultural venue.

We continue to lobby TfL for countdown signs and extra benches at bus-stops on routes to hospitals, as well as introducing more planting and roadside hedges on Warwick Road and Earl’s Court Road. We are appealing for more planting spaces and projects to come forward, especially on side roads from EC Rd and Warwick Rd which are controlled by RBKC.

The CCTV steering group held meetings in Dec and Feb looking at uses, operational issues, and locations for new cameras, including demountable mobile cameras for deployment at hot spots. Work seems to have stalled to harden Hunter House against drug dealers and related ASB. We are also supporting the installation of CCTV signs and a Neighbourhood Watch sign. ASB and drug-related crime continues to be a major concern for members in at least three major streets.

A new GP practice AT Care (from Kings Rd Chelsea) will take over the surgery at ECHWB Centre. Several members attended the ASC&H Select Committee conference on Palliative Care and the potential closure of Pembridge Hospice. Consultations had taken place in N Ken, so I managed to get another two meetings locally, at the Mosaic Rooms for members, and at Baden Powell House.

The Tournament site has been purchased by Delancey, and we look forward to a planning application consultation soon. We continue to lobby for building, on the main site, a good mix of market and affordable housing, green spaces, and other amenities including a new cultural venue.

We hope to see “meanwhile” use of the valuable open space, until a suitable new scheme is started.

Malcolm Spalding



RBKC Gold Standard



Wednesday 16th May 2018



MEETINGS attended for ECS

3 May Trebovir Road redundant BT phones meeting

11 May Nevern Square residents event K+K George Hotel

26 May Philbeach AGM at st Cuthbert’s with URBANISTA

4 Jun EC Sq Jazz event

5 Jun Philbeach Hall reopening and press conference

12 Jun EC ASB meeting at RBKC Town hall

13 Jun ECS Planning & licensing group (3)

15 Jun Licensing Hearing for 44-46 Kenway road

19 Jun Social housing conference

21 Jun ECH&WB Centre

3 Jul Site visit to observe sound mitigations in place around crane

5 Jul COMRES report launch

10 Jul ECS Neighbours Group (2)

14 Jul TfL LU local meeting 

17 Aug Meeting with City Relay (MDS DC) to discuss AirBnB issues

22 Aug ASB meeting RBKC Town Hall

30 Aug Site meeting Childs Street

4 Sept Councillors visit to observe large crane (CapCo & Keltbray & RBKC)

13 Sept STHL (AirBnB) RBKC Conference 

22 Sept ASB meeting RBKC

25 Sept Neighbours' Group

19 Oct Scheduled Licensing hearing PING and MOONFLOWER EC Gardens (ES report “No Amsterdam red light district in EC”)

26 & 27 Oct Earl’s Court Film Festival

2 Nov Bob Perry AGE UK  Art Exhibition 1A Nevern Place

9 Nov Licensing Committee objected to PING.   HoC with KCCC & Wandsworth Chamber

13 Nov SNB

30 Nov CAPCO Lights EC Road

9 Dec Community Carol Service

10 Dec EC Square Tree

12Dec Mayor’s Carols

21 Dec ECS PARTY St. Cuthberts Church – 40 members and new members attended.

27 Jan PRA party at St Cuthbert’s

18 Jan Open Age classes ECHWC

23 Jan EC ASB meeting

29 Jan SN Board

30 Jan Schools Forum – spoke for St Cuthbert’s funding

5 Feb Penywern hotels waste & planning application

17 Feb St Cuthbert’s party

20 Feb Police Gold Command Group

28 Kenway Rd Police Office Ward Panel meeting

8 Mar EC Sq RA AGM

10 Mar CapCo Open Day


15 Mar Penywern residents’ planning meeting

20 Mar Environmental walkabout Warwick Road

23 Apr Eardley paladins

26 Apr Kung Fu planning and env health

2 May ECVRA planning meeting


10 May Peabody FM residents meeting



The Council has now held all five STHL working group meetings, including a large public conference with Q&A panel on 13th September.

o             Illegal waste dumping, collection and enforcement costs

o             Use of Garden Squares without contribution

o             No Council Tax, No Business Rates, No Corporation Tax

o             No rules for Hotels or Health & Safety

o             No rules for HMOs.

o             Invalidation of House Insurance for other leaseholders

o             Security, Safety and Fire risks to leaseholders (9 Trebovir Road)


The final report makes nine recommendations all of which have been accepted by the Council and Officers are working to action them.



The Society continues to support this initiative led by local businesses. The COMRES report, commissioned by RBKC and CapCo, was launched at the CapCo project rooms with the ECS Business Group on 5th July. Our summary of the findings is:




Need more BID Information    


Physical environment and public spaces improvements 


Interest in BIDs linked to business performance - worsened over the past 12 months


BID-type Branding and Marketing to promote the Earls Court area


Proximity to the Earls Court redevelopment may influence interest in a new BID;  businesses in the Earls Court ward


Business-owners who say they are interested in joining a BID - more likely to say each initiative tested will benefit their business

>  50%

Local businesses who say that they would be interested in a new BID as part of the Earls Court redevelopment

>  40%



We held a meeting with TfL LU on 14th July regarding noise from announcements at the tube station with many complaints coming from Kensington Mansions on Trebovir Road.


We are supporting three projects to design out crime and ASB and improve air quality etc.

  • Warwick Road station entrance
  • Hogarth Road entrance to EC Health & Well-being Centre
  • EC Gardens rear of EC Health & Well-being Centre
  • Penywern Road rear of BOOTS
  • Meeting with TfL and LUL and ST re tannoy and rail-squeal noise abatement


Alerts over potential Garden Square ownership and underground development plans.

Greening of EC as an open fallow site.  Investigating air cleansing technology solutions.

BT are proposing 1 new for removing 2 old (OBRd and ECRd) with community benefits. NEW WORLD PAYPHONES are proposing 4 new for removing 11 old.





CAAs for Philbeach, Nevern, Brompton Cemetery and EC Village and EC Square.

CLP revision due Public Hearing with Inspector for soundness.

New World Payphones ECS supported 3 new phones, but RBKC refused because application did not list or agree removal of 11 redundant.

Objected to Blackbird – refused   Objected to 5 EC Square   Objected to 4 Child's Street

40-42 Nevern Square upgrade 37 grotty bedsits to 20 decent 1 and 2 bed flats. No loss of residential floorspace. Extra provision of Social rented flats elsewhere.

Enforcement illegal Advert Warwick Road entrance to station

Objected to Balance Kenway Road   Objected to Moonflower and Ping EC Gardens

We continue to support residents in EC Gardens and Kenway Road regarding the proliferation of “massage parlours”. We spoke as objectors at the Licensing Hearing for a new establishment in Kenway Road, but despite serious anomalies in the application it was granted. There are nearly 20 of these parlours or related licensed premises in EC Ward.  MOONFLOWER 6 months provisional

Objecting to EC Food & Wine extension to 02.00am all week Oxford Hotel. Planning application March consultation with residents and neighbours.  4 Child’s Street – new application. ECS objecting. 16-18 Warwick Rd HMOs into self-contained flats  KUNG FU lamps without permission.. EC Gardens a/c units.  MOONFLOWER new application for after 6 months provisional.  PING Licence withdrawn but still operating whilst under appeal. Meeting planned with residents and KUNG FU. Review of Vaudeville due to ASB and stabbing.  Meeting with PRA residents re Cluny Mews application



 “A” boards have been successful, as has mobile CCTV for catching and fining offenders. There was a brief hiatus when some boards were removed as being dangerous, before new ones had been installed. Vermin are becoming a problem in parts of EC Square.

Enforced re 312 EC Road (Waste and Pests)  Enforced re 316 EC Road (Waste and Dormer Windows)

Penywern and Kempsford strongly support Paladin Bins, but not mid-crescent next to houses. Support preference for ends of street only. Support all dumping reports

Consulting on final permanent enclosures for Paladin bins (Eardley, Penywern, Kempsford)

Issues with hotel trade-waste in Penywern. Meeting planned



Lobbying to keep local SNT hubs open including Kenway Road plus NHG Police station (ECS petition)

POLICE  Major Drug operation 20 Sep - 18th November. Results so far: Arrests: 25 PND : 2 Cannabis warnings: 31  Stop and Search: 75 Intel Report  : 57 Drug address closures/evictions: 3  Crime reports: 63  Community behaviour notices: 9 Vehicle seizures: 3 Target hardening Visits on properties :2   Brothel Welfare/Drug checks: 4  Brothel closures due to drugs/ASB: 2   80% drop in email/airspace complaints about drug issues from residents.

Fatal stabbing Logan Place. Major drug operation West London and Nevern Place.

Fatal car accident Nevern Square. What should we do about this poor junction ?

Stabbing at Vaudeville club. Further stabbing at Vaudeville



WLL and ECS response to MTS (GLA Mayor's Transport Strategy) (MB)

Lobbying for 20mph on Warwick Road; moving one pedestrian crossing; removing one loading bay (NW leg). Consulting on new bus route. Requesting new bus stop at Warwick Road outside new school. Temporary seating achieved in EC Rd.Need redesign of Cromwell Rd junctions. Extra new residents parking planned for Philbeach Gardens.



Consulting on two-year plan for Redcliffe surgery and local GP provision. Lobbying for a new Health Hub. MyCareMyWay.Awaiting results of consultation


Chairman’s Report 2016-17

On 17th March 2016 the previous  ECS AGM was attended by about 70 members and guests, presided over by Sir Ron de Witt, in the unfortunate absence of Baroness Hanham, still unwell. Our MP Victoria Borwick was guest speaker.

On 25 Oct I applied for to speak against the most recent planning application for the EC CapCo site which sought to discharge a condition relating to w/e and night-work prior to lifting the portal beams. I wrote to planning officers to state that I would continue to object to each and every Conditions application, asking for all to go to Committee until I had secured some compromise, or complete ban, on Saturday morning noisy working. This would bring EC into line with current RBKC Policy – which only applies to completely new applications.

At the subsequent ECS Neighbours Group, the EHOs confirmed that this objective of a compromise solution has been achieved by means of a new s61 Notice on work methods, which will virtually preclude any noisy work at night (outside normal hours) and on Saturday mornings, as well as the remainder of the week-end. Although this sounds almost exactly what we wished to achieve we will have to monitor this very carefully.

Ward Councillors and I continue to meet with the RBKC Public Safety Officers and MPS together with social support hostels managers etc to monitor the EC ASB Action Plan.


Although both Nick and Friederike have been affected by health related problems, we have all tried to support them in keeping the Planning Group functioning.  We have now agreed to combine the Planning Group with Licensing so that both matters can be dealt with in a timely manner and Linda has booked 1A for the year ahead for monthly meetings.

Following a visit to the south Health Hub (based in Flood St), which mirrors the north Hub at St Charles Hospital,  I have asked Adult Social Care and Health and the CCG to look at a third Hub for the centre of the borough to be based at Earl’s Court (eg ECH&W Centre).

As ward Councillors, Linda and I attended Victoria Borwick’s surgery at the Nucleus advice centre, and the Big Clean-up of Cromwell Road spring cleaning.

There have been meetings with RBKC Highways regarding road layouts, and a walkabout meeting with TfL to look at the ECOWS. I am working closely with London Underground and RBKC on several greening initiatives.

The CapCo-sponsored Christmas lights had a successful turn-on again in early December. Many local businesses also sponsored the Community Carol Service, attended by the Mayor.  Many of us attended the ECCT Film Festival sponsored by CapCo.

Many of us were able to attend the CapCo public consultations on Lillie Square and the Exhibition Garden Square plans.

Finally we enjoyed a lovely ECS Christmas Party with our President Baroness Hanham of Kensington, and MP Victoria Borwick. About 80 members attended and enjoyed a Brass Ensemble playing seasonal music. Food and drinks were also sponsored by Urbanista, CapCo and TLC. Special thanks to all organisers, helpers, hosts and admin go to Deborah, Chrissie, Monique, Peter, Margaret, Hilary, Jennifer W, Neil, Julia, Len, Andrew, Jennifer R, Andrea, John W, John GJ, Philippa, Sandra, Ken and Chris. Finally not least, our thanks to Fr. Paul for donating the Church as a venue free of charge as a Christmas present to the Earl’s Court Society. 

The Society has been represented by me at the following events

  • Met with the EC Business Forum Group
  • Met with Leader and then deputy Leader and officers about BID in RBKC
  • Conducted several preparatory stages leading up to major BID seminar on 7th June
  • Prepared ECS objections to the DWMP2 planning application for 16th April hearing (notes attached)
  • Council conference on mental health needs in EC
  • ASB Planning and tasking meetings
  • 5, 6 Sept CapCo  consultations on flagship building WV03 planning application.
  • 12 Sept  ECVRA walkabout Conservation Area Appraisal
  • 14 Sept  Smugglers Way Waste Processing.   WREF – possible funding for EC greening projects
  • 14 Sept CapCo Business Group reception for EC businesses
  • 7 OctCFC exhibition of proposals for stadium development for LBHF
  • 11 Oct Childs Street traffic problems
  • 12 OctTardis EC Road  “Hate Crime” event with RBKC and Police.

ECS Planning Group (8),  ECS Neighbours Group (6),  ECS Business Group (3),  ECS HHWE (2).

ECS Membership and events (2),  ECS HTT walkabout (1), 

The following issues are live and ongoing at present:

  • Night-time economy, alcohol licence, single-can, super-strength.
  • Opening hours PUB 12.00, RESTAURANT & TAKEAWAY  01.00, CLUB 02.00
  • RUBBISH DUMPING – due to AirBnb etc
  • CLUNY MEWS planning application – three public consultations for PRA
  • CLOSURE of EC HEALTH CENTRE (Om Sai) and spare capacity in local GP surgeries
  • WARWICK ROAD trees – replacements
  • CAPCO planning application for details of WV03
  • CAPCO KELTBRAY site noise & nuisance
  • Illegal waste dumping and Paladin bins and A boards
  • Telephone boxes
  • Air pollution and health
  • ASB
  • Rebranding of EC and cultural venue and tourism

We have canvassed Carola Hickling (PG) and Jose Florido (NSq) to join the ECS Executive Council as Garden Square reps. We need details for Barkston Gardens and possibly Bramham Gardens

We now have established active RAs and chairmen for Penywern Road RA, and Warwick Road RA, but still need a Barkston Gardens RA.

The Mayor’s Charity is the K&C Foundation.  I have asked them to look at funding EC projects.


At the ECS Neighbours’ Group we have requested a copy of the DUST REPORT, but apparently this is still being written up at Oxford University, collated from reports by two independent specialists. We did obtain written confirmation that the dust is not harmful to human health and contains no asbestos.

We submitted major Noise, vibration and Dust paper to CapCo/Keltbray and as a result extra Vibration and Noise monitoring was agreed for Philbeach and Eardley, for four weeks with four monitors in six houses in each.  INVC issued a major report of noise and vibration findings.

We held a meeting with RBKC EHOs to help with s61 notices for the next 18-months work, including night operations. We spoke at the Planning Applications Committee which approved this as part of Condition 22.

The flagship building WV03 has been granted full detailed planning permission. This building needs a name – should we suggest something suitable ? Also there needs to be some form of covered space for cultural events and exhibitions


The Farmers’ Market, which we lobbied for successfully, was opened on 15 May for a 14 week trial period. Planning permission for a permanent Market has been applied for. There were a few objections but many supporters (some wrongly labelled as objections). The Market managers have co-operated with us and the resdients in making a few changes to the layout.

Several Queen’s 90th Birthday Tea Parties have been held, variously at St Cuthbert’s, EC Square, Nevern Sq and RBKC Town Hall.

The PRA AGM was held in June with 70 attending, with a presentation by URBANISTA about their development plans for Cluny Mews, which were very widely supported. There have been four presentations to various local groups and interested parties.

I also attended ECRA AGM, ECSq RA AGM, Barkston Gardens AGM, ECVRA AGM and just missed NSq AGM  The An Nisa group party was supported by our CLLL funding and I will try to obtain feedback about how targets will be met by other means.


I have held several meeting with Council and TfL Environmental Officers about greening projects in the area. All are now well advanced and should soon appear in Warwick Road (station entrance), the Penywern Road triangle, and on the station platforms.  We continue to support the campaign by residents to get the noise abatement achieved with station announcements. I have held two meetings with TfL, London Underground and the station manager about these issues. 

I am trying to get the brown TfL Paladin bins removed from these key sites, and am working with residents to have reductions and movement of others.

On the 3 Aug  there was a Paladins blue bins trail walkabout (Eardley, Kempsford and Penywern) Generally very well received (with a couple of small adjustments to positioning).

We held a second RA and residents walkabout in February to adjust the siting of the RBKC blue  Paladin bins with Officers.


Having obtained support from the Leader, the deputy Leader and others, I am now well advanced in our ECS campaign for an Earl’s Court BID.  I have held several meetings with Cabinet members, the deputy Chief Executive, and several Officers in the RBKC Economic Development Unit. 

Following several  meetings with CapCo and MetroBank, on 6th April we held a ECS Business Group meeting to relaunch and introduce the idea of an Earl’s Court BID.   120 key businesses invited and about 15 attended along with Council and GLA Officers  The next stage was a large seminar on BIDs hosted by the K&C Chamber of Commerce at the Town Hall on 7th June. This was attended by over 80 businesses

Following approaches by major local companies, and the success of our initial ECS Business Group meeting on 6th April, I then arranged with the K&C Chamber of Commerce to hold a borough-wide BIDs seminar at the Town Hall (Council Chamber) followed by a Mayor’s reception. Some 85 businesses attended on 7th June, and all were fully supportive. Key speakers were Nabil Khan (GLA), Ruth Dutson (PRIMERA) and Patricia Bench (CEO HAMMERSMITH BID)

Subsequently, Deborah Cleary, Sam Lever and I attended a follow-up meeting with PRIMERA consultants about progressing to the next stage of forming an Earl’s Court BID Partnership Company.

We are hoping that RBKC will be able to fund the pump-priming costs needed for this. CAPCO and RBKC have now completed the wide-ranging business survey and we will hold a meeting soon to discuss the findings.


We continue to support residents in their campaign against the new restaurant at the Kings Head pub, and attended the Licensing Hearing with objectors. Residents won the planning application for brightly-lit signs which were refused in Kenway Road next to people’s bedrooms.

We also attended an RBKC and NHS conference on ‘Support Needs in Earl’s Court’ where I was surprised to learn that the various agencies all seem to believe that we need more extreme support -needs social housing locally. I tried to explain our situation with over 50% of the borough’s units already, and that our real need is for affordable Intermediate housing for working families. We do not see EC as a concentration area for more and more social units from other parts of RBKC (cf Tournament pub).


Paladin bins have been placed in Eardley, Kempsford and Penywern – often in the wrong places – for a three month trial period.  Councillors are divided about their usefulness - one against; one accepting a limited experiment; and one requesting more bins.

I have formed a view that much illegal waste dumping is done by very short stay AIRBNB visitors who after a two or three night stay, are dumping their plastic bags of refuse on their way back home via the tube station or on the way to the airport. This is why it is difficult to obtain evidence of address.

“A” boards have been successful,  as has mobile CCTV for catching and fining offenders.


  • •Illegal waste dumping
  • •Collection and enforcement costs
  • •Use of Garden Squares without contribution
  • •No Council Tax
  • •No Business Rates
  • •No Corporation Tax
  • •No rules for Hotels or Health & Safety
  • •No rules for HMOs.
  • •Invalidation of House Insurance for other leaseholders
  • •Security, Safety and Fire risks to leaseholders (9 Trebovir Road)
  • •Rave parties, pop-up brothels, disturbance to residents, and ASB


Dear Chairman and Planning Applications Committee members

This is little foretaste of what thousands of Earl's Court residents will suffer at night for up to 2.5 years if you allow it. See especially 1 minute, 3.5 minutes and 5 minutes

You are the only and final democratic part the process, which can represent us, and after your decision, all else is decided in private between Officers and Contractors. The Residents do not get a look in.

You are the only representative body which can ask for a review, and imposition of tighter conditions. This Application is to discharge the details of Condition 22:

  • •Hours of work
  • •Works outside the core hours
  • •Noise and vibration mitigation
  • •s61 procedure and monitoring
  • •Temporary fencing & enclosure
  • •Environmental protection

These matters are not fully addressed in the report before you, and the s61 agreement has yet to be agreed or re-negotiated.

We do not understand how the Application could be granted without sight of the s61 agreement on environment measures and trigger exceedence levels, in the report before you.

The report at 6.20 merely says "the document considers that the final document includes appropriate mitigation measures and monitoring which would ensure that any impacts of noise and vibration as a result of the development would be minimised"

These measures are not specified and "minimised" is not a scientific measure capable of proper public scrutiny or capable of accurate monitoring and implementation.

The EHO report says that the Application is "unsatisfactory" as regards contaminated land.

We urge you to defer decision on discharging Condition 22 until:

  • •You have the final s61 agreement before you
  • •The Application abides by the RBKC Code of Construction Practice
  • •The EHOs confirm the Application is satisfactory

We beseech the Planning Application Committee to impose additional conditions on night-time working:

  • •Percussive work at night is only allowed on each night by prior agreement of Officers
  • •Night-time working timetables are issued two weeks in advance
  • •All night-time work creating noise is fully enclosed by sound-proofing
  • •All machinery and sources of vibration are mounted on insulation and isolation rafts 
  • •Any noise at the boundary is limited to 0dB above ambient
  • •Any noise at the boundary is limited to 75dB absolute (vacuum cleaner level)
  • •The Application is fully compliant with CLP Policies CL5  CL6  CL7  CE6
  • •The 2.4m of plywood at the boundary is mounted above the fence and is sound-proofed
  • •The Application is compliant with the Code of Construction Practice
  • •The Application is compliant with the SPD on Noise over the 2.5 years of work

The Officers' report says at 6.2 "the decisive issue is whether the measures contained in the document are sufficient to ensure there would be no unacceptable adverse impacts on the occupants of the surrounding properties"

We think you should know that we are already suffering adverse impacts of day-time working and therefore that if thousands of residents should suffer night-time impacts, for 2.5 years, is unacceptable and not sufficiently addressed by the DWMP2, and the new s61, which is not yet available, especially since the current s61 is not sufficiently robust for day-time working.

Malcolm Spalding



RBKC Gold Standard


Since the previous AGM on 19th March 2015, there have been 10 meetings of the Planning Group, chaired by Nicholas Woollven, 5 meetings of the Neighbours Group chaired by Ken Courtenay,  12 meeting of the Health, Housing & Welfare Group chaired by Linda Wade,  2 meetings of the Transport, Traffic and Highways Group chaired by Mark Balaam, 3 meetings of the Business Group chaired by Jamie Coronna, 3 meetings of the Police Safer Neighbourhoods Group, and 4 meetings of the Executive Council.  Chris David took over as Treasurer from Hilary Temple, and Chris has now agreed to act as temporary Hon. Secretary until we can find a replacement for Jennifer Ware, who is stepping down.

On a sad note, we remember much loved members of our community Gary Jones and Professor Sue Malcolm, whom we lost last year.


In May we held a walkabout session with Cllr Tim Coleridge (Cabinet Member for Planning), Mr Siddiqi (Executive Director of Highways) and Mark Handley (London Farmers Markets) hoping to set up an Earl’s Court Farmers’ Market,  which could inherit ten to twenty stalls from the closure Notting Hall Gate. We considered several sites (Hogarth Road, Kenway Road, EC Gardens, Old Brompton Road and St. Cuthbert’s School).  We are hoping that Jamie Coronna and Samantha Lever will now take this forward within the Court Community Business Forum.

We also have to thank Jamie and Sam for organising the magnificent Christmas lights in Earl’s Court Road, supported by your Ward Councillors CLLL Funds and with generous sponsorship from CapCo, whom we hereby thank.

The major issues we have tackled this last year have been:


We experienced a very distressing spate of ASB over the summer months. Ward Councillors, Police, SN and Public Safety teams held several local and Town hall meetings. The agreed action plans resulted in several outcomes:  Permanent extra Community Police, PSOs on individuals, arrests of individuals for ASB, several drugs raids and arrests of major west London drug crime gangs.


The EC Project resulted in 1,582 iIlegal waste-dumps investigated, and 1,227 prostitute cards removed, thanks to RBKC Public Realm group chaired by Cllr Aouane. There were also thousands of cards subsequently removed and major drug arrests due to initiatives by Cllr Gardner (Public Safety).


All ward Councillors together with Public Realm Scrutiny chairman Cllr Rossi and Council Officers held a series of meetings with senior PO management at the Town Hall, resulting the Council organising a large Public Meeting at St Cuthbert’s church, chaired by Cllr Rossi. We did not succeed in stopping the closure, since the PO seem intent on closing themselves down regardless of pubic need or opinion. Most of their services are actually well provided-for by shops (Mailboxes, Rymans and Tesco) or Banks or Bureaux de Change. Help is available from the Town Hall or CAB for other matters like benefits etc.


In response to the widespread dust problem, the Neighbours Group, who  meet with Keltbray contractors and CapCo on a regular basis, asked for additional chemical analysis of the dust to reassure residents. The EHO’s assure us it is over PM10 size and therefore not a danger to Public Health, but we are asking for further scientific analysis.

Noise and vibration has become worse in recent months and we are also asking if residents would like additional monitoring points and instruments. We need you to report any additional problems experienced as they happen so we can build up a log of incidents.


The Planning application for the use of the NAR was approved, which means that some residents in Philbeach Gardens may experience more lorry movements, but the rest of EC will experience fewer.


Several well-known and long –established retail businesses, shops, restaurants and hotels have recently closed, changed ownership or are undergoing renovation. This may be a positive sign of new investment in better services, but we need to monitor and influence the way our high street is changing, for the better. We do not want down-market innovations, and so we are now planning for a Business Improvement District (BID) if we can get enough businesses to support the idea.


Key issues have been:    The Casino application in Ashburn Gardens, where we saw a new RA set up, and a victory for the residents in blocking the new Casino. The NAR, as above, and the modified DTMP.  The TESCO site, which is due for renewal after three-year expiry and problems with social housing provision.  The Warwick Road Council Estate which is to be redeveloped. The Tournament Pub which is up for three-year renewal of its application to build 10 social housing units. A major new application from CapCo with details of some of the key blocks, as approved in outline, are expected during the forthcoming year.

The Borough’s CLP (Consolidated Local Plan) has been out for consultation, and we responded on Chapter 10 Earl’s Court as a Place, and Chapter 26 the Earl’s Court development site, where our prime concern is the nature of the Cultural Venue, and its resulting future effects on footfall, business and the local economy.


We fought hard to stop BESTONE next to the station entrance from having a 24-hour alcohol sales licence, or a second application for 5.00 am. We retained the present midnight hour. We also won to keep the status quo for the EC Tavern next to EC village.

On a happier note, over the last year, members have enjoyed a wealth of cultural and social activities including

•Much Ado About Nothing in Barkston Gardens

•Planting classes at Mary Smith, Inkerman house, 26-56 Warwick Road and the triangle site.

•Consultation on the now delayed Cromwell Road replanting scheme.

•Sibyl Thorndike plant sale and forthcoming nursery greenhouses launch at Olympia.

•Jazz evenings at Barkston Gardens and Philbeach Gardens by TLC.

•EC Square annual Tea party, annual BBQ, and Christmas Tree lighting.

•St Cuthbert’s Community Carols.

•Sharon Robinson’s wonderful series of musical evenings at St Cuthberts.

•The ECS Christmas Party Reception at GALLERY 286 with His Worship the Mayor and 70 members.

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